Join us for a Powerful Day of

Education, Information and FUN!

Promoting healthy body image in women of all ages


"I feel fat today."

"I need to loose weight."

“I hate my belly”


Did you know only 2% of women worldwide describe themselves as beautiful?

And 97% of women report having one or more negative thoughts about their body each day?


We have all met curvy full figured women who love their body and feel beautiful and sexy. We have also met tiny skinny women who hate their bodies and never feel beautiful enough.

Body image is a reflection of how a woman feels about her personal value

America has an image problem

We live in a time where we are visually bombarded by images of perfect women! The challenge is, they are not REAL! The images are productions staged by models who are too often unhealthy and surgically enhanced, teams of makeup artists, hair stylists and clothing artists, Lighting teams, photographers who get just the right angle and Photoshop!

YOU CAN’T MEASURE UP! The models themselves can’t measure up!


The Media:

Everyone loves to blame the media. The problem is, the media follows what we purchase. If we didn’t look at it, buy it or support it the media would change quickly!

It’s up to you!

No one can make you feel beautiful if you don’t let them! I invite you to join me and my team for a powerful day of reclaiming beauty and finding your value!

A Celebration of Real Beauty

Saturday, September 7th
9:30 am-7:00 pm
The South Towne Expo Center

9575 S State St, Sandy, UT 84070



$15.00 reserved seating

$8.50 General Admission


Early Registration Bonuses- Register before August 20th for these bonus


*The Balancing Act- Get rid of feeling stressed and overwhelmed!  Get your life in order with this 4 week training program designed to help you get in balance.  By Amy Walker

*Beauty from the Outside In- Audio recording teaching you how to develop healthy body image.  By Amy Walker

*Super Summer Slim Down- How to loose weight while honoring your body.  By Elizabeth Anderson

*Dressing Your Truth- Free Beauty Profiling Course.  By Carol Tuttle

Join us for





Carmen Rasmusen

Carmen Rasmusen ranked 6th on the second season of American Idol. Carmen writes a column for the Desseret News and tours the country as a speaker for Time out For Women. Carmen is also a mother of 3.



Amy Walker

Amy Walker is passionate about helping women learn to manage and love their lives. She is a Mentor, Trainer, and Speaker.Amy is an entrepreneur! She has built 6 businesses all while raising a family. Amy and her husband Stephen have 5 young sons. Amy recognizes that women are at the heart of every strong society. Today’s woman has so many demands to meet! Amy understands the challenge to succeed in her career and at home. Her philosophy is, “I want to be extremely successful, but NOT at the cost of my family. That price is too high!” Her mission is to assist women in valuing themselves so they can create the strength they need to fulfill their many demands. Amy works with individually with clients and speaks to groups. Please connect with Amy at

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle, MRET, is an electrifying catalyst for healing who has devoted her life to helping people rise out of deprivation into overflowing abundance. She literally wakes up people's souls to living so they realize their greatness. As a Master Energy Therapist, best-selling author of 5 books, and expert in the field of personal development and human nature, she has touched the lives of millions of people all over the world through her multiple online healing and learning resources. Carol is the creator of Energy Profiling, Dressing Your Truth and The Child Whisperer. You can learn more about Carol and her work at

Kirk Duncan

Kirk A. Duncan, President and Founder of 3 Key Elements based in Salt Lake City Utah,has taught and mentored thousands to fine-tune communication skills in their professional and personal lives through understanding and mastering their own body language and to recognize these subtle clues in others. Kirk’s programs have been developed around a synergistic combination of experiences and tools to increase awareness, productivity and effectiveness. Kirk and 3 Key Elements have experienced exponential growth since their launch in 2009. Kirk says,“Success comes from the body, mind and the spirit all working together.” Learn more about Kirk at

Darin Addams

Darin was born in Provo and graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Broadcast Communications.Darin has done some interesting things on live TV. He's received medical procedures live, cooked with celebrity chefs Todd English and Ming Tsai, and has sampled chocolate chip cookies with grasshoppers baked into them. He has interviewed sports legends and countless celebrities such as Hall of Fame Pitcher Jim Palmer and Quarter Back Drew Bledsoe. Darin’s years in media inspired him to write a book “Light’s, Camera, Passion.” Darin will share with you why Passion is the key to a happy and successful life.

REAL fashion Show with Alica Richmond

Alicia Richmond is known for her practical and easy approach to personal style.For more than a decade, she has performed hundreds of makeovers and helpedwomen and men to reinvent their wardrobes. Alicia’s philosophy is simple: Chicon a Shoestring: Fashion for Real People with Real Bodies and Real


REAL beauty Photo Shoot

Join our amazing photographers for a free photo shoot with you and your besties! Instead of hiding behind the camera, we invite you to step in front of the lens and celebrate your unique brand of beauty!

See what others are saying:

"I learned so much about myself from attending A Celebration of Real Beauty. I attended by myself, but I am inviting everyone I know this time. Society has such a skewed vision of beauty, and I used to too, but I am working on changing that!:) I made some really cool connections with vendors there and all of the speakers were awesome, even the ones that I didn't think were pertinent to my life right now shared information that is helping me to change!!:) It is a definite must go for every woman!!"

LaRissa A.

“My mom almost didn't go to this event. She had been dealing with a husband who has been terminally ill for 11 years. She was drained and unable to deal sometimes the most simple tasks on a day to day basis. It was almost too much for her just to think about coming to an all-day event, even if it was something uplifting. Being at the Celebration of Real Beauty was a wonderful experience for me because what I saw happen to my mom. The next day we went to a friend’s house and, not only did she socialize but I overheard her sharing with people the wonderful experience she had just had over the weekend and that she felt like a new person. I even overheard her suggesting things to other women that they could do each day to feel better about themselves. This was a different woman than I have lived with the last 2 years!! Thank you for providing such an incredible, uplifting and inspiring event. I know it gave my mom the strength to keep going and the understanding of the power behind believing in her real beauty within!?”

Shauna T.

The Event Includes

  • REALfashion show
  • REALbeauty photo shoot
  • Powerhouse Speakers
  • Performers and entertainment
  • Vendors
  • Fitness and nutrition segments
  • An entire day of education and fun for the cost of a movie ticket!

P.S. This event is PERFECT for girls over 12
P.P.S Bring your girlfriends and make it a girls day with a purpose
P.P.P.S Nursing babies are welcome, please find someone to watch your small children.